419 top Apex Legends players banned for abusing glitch


Respawn has banned more than 400 players from battle royale title Apex Legends after they were caught taking advantage of a glitch that let them enter games outside their tier bracket.

419 users from the upper ranks of the game – that’s Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator – have been banned from playing after they were caught farming RP (or Ranked Points) in Bronze tier matches.

Apex security expert Conor Ford announced the ban on Twitter, stating that he hoped all 419-plus ranked players “who abused an exploit allowing [them to] get into and farm bronze lobbies for RP” enjoy “watching Season 7 from the sidelines”.

Though some of the banned players themselves are calling the ban unjust, it’s a totally fair measure for Respawn to take: in Season 6 of Apex Legends, only 2% of players were ranked Diamond or higher.

Having players of that calibre come and wreak havoc in Bronze would be noticeable – and massively unfair. The glitch wasn’t exclusive to one platform or another, either, as Ford notes that “justice has no boundaries” when it comes to Respawn expelling cheaters.

Hopefully, then, that means Season 7 will be just that little bit more friendly to more casual players. Apex Legends arrived on Steam on November 4, alongside the launch of Season 7.

You can check out a trailer for the new season here, and catch an overview of what to expect right here.

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