A Nintendo Labo VR Kit is now just $20


Best Buy is currently running a deal of the day that drops the price of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit to just $20 – that’s half price.

The fourth kit to be made available in Nintendo’s range of quirky cardboard accessories, the VR Kit includes a set of goggles and a blaster that can be used to play a range of virtual reality games on the Switch. Many of these are found on a cartridge that comes with the VR Kit, while there are others that adapt existing Switch games such as Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey to add VR support.

As far as Nintendo Labo goes, the VR Kit is also one of the most highly rated sets of the lot. The Variety Kit is often considered to be a good starting point, while the Robot and Vehicle Kits add a couple of unique toys though are a bit more niche.

Even if you’re put off by the concept of VR in gaming, $20 isn’t a lot to just give Labo a go or mess around for a few evenings. Especially when you factor in the additional time building the various cardboard bits-and-bobs you need to make it work.

We’re left wondering if there are any plans to make more Nintendo Labo sets in the future, or if the house of Mario has some other wild new idea up its sleeve.

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