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When Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s toughest enemies are beating you down, nothing turns the tide faster than your suite of powerful adrenaline abilities. Whether it’s an explosive arrow trap, eagle-eyed axe combo, or unstoppable spear tackle, making full use of your Viking toolkit is vital when the going gets tough.

However, instead of dishing out your abilities for free, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tasks you with searching medieval England for Books of Knowledge. These texts detail the ins-and-outs of the game’s most powerful special moves, so you’ll want to hunt them down as soon as you can.

There are tons of Books of Knowledge scattered across Norway and England for Eivor to find, but keep in mind that not all of them will be accessible from the start of the game.

Oftentimes, these ability books are found in monasteries, crypts, catacombs, and other Saxon population centre – many of which you will visit naturally as you play through Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s main quest.

This means that while you can definitely go out of your way to round everything up as soon as you gain access to an area on the map, but you might find yourself backtracking through areas you’ve visited previously if you do.

Below we’ve marked the location of every single Book of Knowledge on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s map, along with screenshots for how to acquire a few of the early game abilities.

Grabbing the best abilities can give you edge in optional boss battles like the Lost Drengr Erik Loyalskull, and the Elk of Bloody Peaks Legendary Animal.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Abilities – All Book of Knowledge locations

Rygjafylke Book of Knowledge locations

The first Book of Knowledge is found to the southeast of Stavanger, in the west of Rygjafylke. Hold R3 to use your Odin’s Sight to pinpoint its location, then climb over the side of the wooden barrier as shown below.

Then at the second circled location, an encampment far to the south of Stavanger, look for a wooden tower.

Climb the tower, then break the wooden barrier covering a ladder with an arrow. Climb down to collect the Book of Knowledge and the Thorn of Slumber ability.

Finally for Rygjafylke, the Rage of Helheim ability is to the northeast of Kjotve’s Fortress, which you visit during the main story. It’s in the far northeast of the map.

Enter the cave, ignoring the warnings that area ahead isn’t available, and grab the Book of Knowledge.

Hordafylke Book of Knowledge locations

The solitary Book of Knowledge currently accessible in Hordafylke is found in the town of Alrekstad.

Pinpoint its location with Odin’s Sight, then grab the key from the nearby pig sty.

Back towards the nearby road is a netful of crates hanging over a hole. Shoot the clasp holding the net together, then drop through the hole.

You should now be in a corridor with a locked door at the end. Open it with the pig sty key, then grab the Mark of Death Book of Knowledge.

Grantebridgescire Book of Knowledge locations

There are 4 Books of Knowledge in Grantebridgescire. Three in settlements in the south of the area, and one at the Isle of Ely Monastery in the northeast.

Ledecestrescire Book of Knowledge locations

Of the 4 Books of Knowledge in Ledecestrescire, 2 are at the extreme north and south border. The remaining two are on the western border.

East Anglia Book of Knowledge locations

The East Anglia Books of Knowledge are near the coast, on the eastern boarder of the kingdom.

Oxenefordscire Book of Knowledge locations

There are 3 Books of Knowledge in the southern half of Oxenefordscire.

Cent Book of Knowledge locations

The 2 Cent Books of Knowledge couldn’t be further apart. One is in the extreme northwest, while the other is on the eastern coast.

Essexe Book of Knowledge locations

There are just 2 Books of Knowledge in Essexe, clustered around the middle of the kingdom.

Suthsexe Book of Knowledge locations

The 2 Books of Knowledge in Suthsexe are towards the northern border with Lunden.

Sciropescire Book of Knowledge locations

There’s only 1 Book of Knowledge in Sciropescire – out to the west.

Lincolnscire Book of Knowledge locations

Lincolnscire has 2 central Books of Knowledge to collect.

Eurvicscire Book of Knowledge locations

There’s 1 Book of Knowledge in Jorvik, with another 2 out east towards the Humber.

Glowecestrescire Book of Knowledge locations

The 2 Books of Knowledge in Glowecestrescire are in the middle of the high-level area.

Wincestre Book of Knowledge locations

And finally, there’s one Book of Knowledge on the southwestern side of Wincestre.

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