Big Call of Duty: Warzone update now available to pre-load on PS4


There’s another Call of Duty: Warzone patch coming tomorrow.

Infinity Ward has made it possible once again for players to pre-load Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare‘s next update. In this case, patch 1.29 will officially launch tomorrow at the usual time.

The update comes in at 33GB for the download, but the pre-load is only available on PS4. So far, no patch notes have been made available, though those will likely be published after the patch has gone live, as has been standard with Modern Warfare.

We do have a couple of ideas, however, of what we can expect. This is the last Season 6 patch, so anything on the roadmap that hasn’t yet made into the game will arrive alongside the patch.

This really is just the butterfly knife, which we still don’t know whether it’ll just be another knife skin or a new melee weapon with unique properties. As far as meaningful content, all of the roadmap’s biggest additions have already dropped, including the Haunting of Verdansk more recently.

One other thing to mention is that the store will get a bundle with a new operator, Sgt. Griggs, who’s actually modelled after Infinity Ward’s legendary animation lead Mark Grigsby, who has been in every game the studio made as a random NPC.

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