Biomutant returns with new gameplay, but no release date


Biomutant is back in the spotlight.

You may be forgiven for forgetting all about Biomutant, the THQ Nordic-published game unveiled back at gamescom 2017.

The game showed up a couple of times at conventions since then, but things have been eerily quiet for long stretches of time. Earlier this year, developer Experiment 101 confirmed that Biomutant is in the final stages of development, but didn’t show new gameplay at the time.

Now, the developer guested on IGN‘s Summer of Gaming to demo various bits of gameplay and talk a little bit about Biomutant. The game appears to be bigger than we may have originally assumed. Creative director Stefan Ljungqvist revealed that it’s an open-world action RPG. He also clarified that it has a detailed character creator, which spans a number of different animals.

The character we’ve seen in early gameplay is not, in fact, the “hero” of the game, which is another element that wasn’t immediately apparent. The footage also shows some of the RPG elements in the game, which cover both the character as well as weapons through crafting. For instance, Ljungqvist said some characters will be better at traditional melee combat, while others will be stealthier or posses psionic powers.

As for a release target, Ljungqvist still wasn’t able to offer any. He did explain, however, that Experiment 101 is a small team whose developers shuffle many roles, which is why it’s taken this long.

Catch all of it in the video above. Biomutant is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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