Bugsnax: How to complete the Secrets of the Dunes puzzle


There’s a secret puzzle to solve in Bugsnax, but there are two different ways to solve it.

In Boiling Bay and Sizzlin’ Sands, you’ll find either the lava puzzle or the sand dune puzzle. To earn the That Reminds Me of a Puzzle trophy, you’ll need to complete one of the two. This guide contains slight spoilers for the late game, so look away now if you don’t want to know.


Bugsnax: How to complete the Secrets of the Dunes puzzle

Each puzzle involves interacting with statues in a certain order. Once the correct order has been found, a secret doorway will be unlocked. To unlock the doorway in Sizzlin’s Sands, you’ll need to head West from the pyramid. You’ll find four Inchurrito-looking Statues next to a small mound.

To begin, you’ll want to stand so that you can see all four statues plus the sand dune directly in front of you, like this:

Next, you’ll want to interact with the statues in the following order:

  • The statue immediately to your left
  • The top right-hand corner statue
  • The bottom right-hand corner statue
  • The statue in the top-left corner

You’ll hear a chime and a door will appear in the dune. It leads to a passageway that connects Boiling Bay and Sizzlin’ Sands together. Hurray! You solved the mystery and now have a slightly faster way to traverse the map.

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