Bugsnax Snakpack guide: How to increase your inventory size


Catching every Bugsnax you see is a fun challenge, but you’ll need to prioritise your inventory space if you want to catch them all.

On Snaktooth Island, Bugsnax are everywhere – in the trees, underground, even chilling in the sea. As you progress through the story, more Bugsnax will become available to you. There are about 100 different Bugsnax to catch, but there’s a limit on how many you can carry in your Snakpack at once.

Bugsnax Snakpack guide: How to increase your Inventory size

At the beginning of the game, you’ll receive the Snakpack, which holds your map, tools and Bugsnax. You’ll only be able to carry six Bugsnax at the start, but there aren’t too many to catch in the first hour or so anyway.

Once you reach Snaxburg, you’ll be able to access new locations, like Simmering Springs. You’ll also meet two new Grumpuses: Gramble and Wiggle. Gramble has a special mission for you that will unlock the Buggy Ball tool and you’ll learn that he enjoys rescuing Bugsnax and protecting them from the other Grumpuses.

The good news is, if you donate to Gramble’s Bugsnax reservation, you’ll unlock more inventory space. You can upgrade your inventory space twice using this method, so keep donating different Bugsnax until the bar reaches 100% and you receive a notification that says you have more room for Bugsnax.

You can eventually upgrade the Snakpack to hold 18 Bugsnax at a time, which makes clearing a Biome much easier. You can empty your inventory by feeding Bugsnax to your Grumpus pals as you meet them or as part of their personal quests – which gives you some pretty terrifying results.

It would be a good idea to empty your inventory of smaller, more common Bugsnax regularly, as well as before any special Grumpus missions. If you run out of space, you can also release Bugsnax. Focus on letting go of easy to catch Bugsnax, ones you’ve caught before and those you don’t need for a quest.

If you speak with a Grumpus who asks for help, choose the “later” option and make room for some new Bugsnax. Without revealing too much, it’s especially important that you do this before Wiggle’s final mission.

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