Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leak reveals beta, the return of Frank Woods


A new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leak gives us a few hints about some of what’s to come.

A number of different pre-order bonuses for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War have leaked, offering some insight into what to expect. The details, shared by COD Tracker, are not accompanied with any images, just information.

For starters, the details confirm the existence of a beta test ahead of release. This news isn’t surprising, but given how late in the year Black Ops Cold War is being unveiled compared to previous Call of Duty games, many suggested this year’s game will not have a beta given the limited window between reveal and release.

Not so, apparently. The Black Ops Cold War beta will also go open at some point, as pre-ordering only gives you early access. It will likely be live on more than one weekend, as is standard for Call of Duty.

More interestingly, the leaks also reveal that the Battle Pass system will return in Black Ops Cold War. A Battle Pass Bundle was unearthed, similar to a version that currently exists of Modern Warfare. One of the pre-order bonuses appears to be Sergeant Frank Woods, who will be available to play as in Warzone. Voice lines for Woods were actually datamined in Warzone weeks ago, though at the time, the thinking was that he’s going to headline Season 5.

Finally, COD Tracker’s leak revealed two DLC packs seemingly part of the same pre-order bonus, or possibly a more expensive Deluxe Edition. Confrontation Weapons Pack, and Land, Sea and Air Pack are their names.

Activision recently revealed the official art for Black Ops Cold War, promising to fully reveal the game this Wednesday, August 26.

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