Call of Duty: Warzone patch fixes FAMAS shotgun bug, nerfs the Bruen again


Infinity Ward has squeezed in one more Call of Duty: Warzone patch before the end of the week.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare have received a new patch overnight to address some outstanding problems, and a few that emerged following the launch of Season 5.

The highlight is a fix to the recently discovered FAMAS (FR 5.56) shotgun exploit, which caused the weapon’s under-barrel shotgun to deal massive damage, which some players have been exploiting.

The Bruen MK9 LMG, which only just got nerfed, has been hit with another round of balance tweaks. It now deals less upper torso damage, and has more recoil to boot. Equipping the 60-round magazine, a popular choice in Warzone, will increase the weapon’s recoil even further.

There’s also a slight buff to the new ISO SMG that comes in the form of a reduction to movement penalty when using the drum mags, and a boost to its base ADS speed. The 725 shotgun with a sawed-off barrel has received a couple of nerfs, too, with regards to ADS speed, movement speed and close range lethal damage.

Read on below for the full change log.

Balance tweaks

-FAMAS 12-Gauge Deputy under-barrel shotgun

  • Clamped close lethal damage.
  • Fixed damage falloff for the FR 5.56 under-barrel shotgun.

-Bruen MK9

  • Reduced upper torso damage.
  • Base weapon – increased recoil.
  • 60 Round Mag – additional increased recoil.


  • Reduced movement penalty for drum mags.
  • Increased base ADS movement speed.

-725 sawed-off barrel

  • Small increase to ADS time.
  • Small decrease to movement speed.
  • Reduced close lethal damage range.


  • Fix for an exploit near the Prison in Warzone.
  • Removing the VO from the High Alert perk.

In case you missed it, Activision officially released the first teaser and key art for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The game is being unveiled, seemingly in Warzone, on Wednesday, August 26.

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