Wednesday, September 22, 2021


The Game Krunker Playing & Tips

Getting Aimbot Extension on Your Device

Getting Extension on Your Device Today, we are going to discuss how players can get aimbot extension. The only way to get the extension...

Krunker game map building know-how

Reasons for Creating Map Just like many players out there, you might be tired of playing on the old maps and you might...

The Best Monitors for Krunker and GTA5 Gaming

Krunker is one of the most popular online shooting games on the market right now. It is a single and multiplayer game that is...

Krunker Strategies and Tactics

In order to improve on your game and also keep safe, a player needs to have some tactics up their sleeve. Shooting tactics are...

Krunker Controls and Keys

Krunker is a 3D game for people that love shooting games and is available for playing on a computer, free of charge. It is...

Set up Aimbot Mods

0 aimbot mods provide auto aim, wall hack, no recoil, ESP, bunny hop, triggerbot, quickscoper, manual aim assist, use weapon range, aim through walls...

How to Upgrades

0 upgrades will help the players to get more features and enhancement of the game that will give more pleasure to them. A multiplayer IO...

How to Play Krunker game?

People who love to play unique and different games should try krunkerio 2019. In this game the players want to win and have control over...

Krunker Game Playing Page

0 is a game that is quite easy to play. In order to understand which class you are better in the game, you must...
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