Crosscode has more Xbox Game Pass players than PS4 and Switch combined


The developer of Crosscode is very impressed with the game’s performance on Xbox Game Pass.

Crosscode, the 2D action RPG from Radical Fish, is one of over a hundred other games available on Xbox Game Pass. Crosscode is also one of several playable across both PC and Xbox Game Pass.

In an interview with Duel Screens, studio co-founder Felix Klein talked a little bit about the team’s experience with releasing its game on Game Pass.

Klein explained that Microsoft approached Crosscode publisher Deck13 with an offer, which is typically a sum of money paid upfront – essentially a fee for making the content available on Game Pass. Though he wouldn’t reveal exact figures, he did say that the offer made sense so they went ahead and agreed.

“Not a lot of people are playing the game on Game Pass on PC, which might be because not many people play on the Windows Store on PC,” said Klein.

“But there [are] definitely a lot of people playing over Game Pass on Xbox. We [were] actually pretty surprised how many people play that way,” he added.”

Asked to quantify player numbers, Klein revealed that the number of Game Pass players on Xbox One exceeds the combined total of PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which is quite the feat.

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