Cyberpunk 2077 fan compiles all the different ways the Maelstrom mission could play out


As a true RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 leaves many decisions up to the player, and that could make for drastically different playthroughs.

One of Cyberpunk 2077‘s biggest selling points is the freedom it affords players in how and when they approach the different scenarios. This also extends to how conversations play out, which affects their outcome and can even alter the circumstances for missions that follow.

But because we only saw snippets of gameplay, players never really saw those different approaches demonstrated. Not Reddit user Sabedo, however, who decided to trawl through the different previews to see how many different variations on the same event you could get.

More specifically, the user wanted to focus on the Maelstrom mission. In it, players are tasked with obtaining a robot from the Maelstrom gang. We’ve actually seen some of this in the very first gameplay reveal, but recent previews shed more light on the different ways it could play out.

Usually, players would meet with a Militech lady (Meredith) to get a spiked chip they can then use when they arrive at the Maelstrom hidehout. Maelstrom gang members are highly-enhanced, so the chip can deal some serious damage, provided you can convince them to stick it into your system. You can obviously shoot your way out, avoiding the chip business entirely, but what’s more interesting is that the entire Militech meeting can be skipped.

In fact, assuming you have enough credits, you can purchase the robot and avoid conflict entirely. If you go into the Maelstrom den ready to talk, the outcome of that conversation, too, can change depending on the dialogue options you pick and whether or not you choose to do certain actions.

Early on after meeting Dum Dum, the sidekick who receives you as you arrive, he tells your companion to sit down. If you don’t defuse the situation and ask them to comply, he follows through on his threat and starts shooting, which turns into a fight. Later on, when gang leader Royce arrives, he puts a gun to your head and asks some questions. You can go for your own gun, or pay Royce extra for the robot, at which point he backs off.

But you can even lie and say you have the credits, but he doesn’t buy it and kills you.

The initial meeting with Meredith can also go completely differently. A player who picked the Corpo background would be able to see that the chip has a virus on it. A player whose technical ability is high enough can also do the same, and would even be able to remove the virus from the chip later on. When you arrive at Maelstrom’s, it opens up an option to explain to Royce that the chip is spiked, which is another unique variation on that meeting.

There’s a lot more at the link, so hit it up to see all the details Sabedo gathered. Catch a full cut of the new gameplay footage, and our hands-on impressions of the new build at the links.

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