Deathloop delayed to Q2 2021


Deathloop has been pushed back by nearly half a year.

Arkane has announced today that Deathloop, the studio’s stylish, time-looping new shooter, will not ship this holiday as previously planned. Instead, the game is now targeting the second quarter of 2021, meaning it’ll be released between early April and late June.

In a message to fans released on Twitter, Arkane Lyon blamed the challenges brought on by working from home for the delay, saying that it has proven difficult to deliver the level of quality and polish expected without pushing back the release date.

When we spoke to Arkane developers earlier this year, team members echoed some of the challenges reiterated today about remote-working.

“We are transferring a lot of data here and there to our servers, and so on, and so internet is a bottleneck, even if we all have good connections. But morale is good,” studio director Romuald Capron said at the time.

Deathloop was re-revealed in June as part of Sony’s big PS5 games event, where it was also announced that the company had locked it as a console launch exclusive for PS5. This arrangement is likely to remain, but PS5 buyers this holiday will have one less game to play.

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