Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenges | How to complete Intruder Alert and protect your Ghost


There’s a new set of Seasonal Challenges available in Destiny 2 and this time, you’ll need to protect your Ghost.

The Season of the Chosen is well underway and there are a bunch of new Seasonal Challenges to get stuck into. To complete the Intruder Alert challenge, you’ll need to take part in the Battlegrounds: Oracle activity twice. You can find this activity on Nessus or via the Vanguard menu playlist and hoping it appears.

Destiny 2: Intruder Alert – How to protect your Ghost

The goal here is simple: Don’t allow opponents to interrupt your Ghost while it’s working away. Easier said than done, right?

Once you’ve started Battlegrounds: Oracle, you’ll get a prompt for your Ghost to scan a Vex Conflux. Enemies will spawn, so keep your eye out for Disrupter Psions – these guys are going to try and interrupt your Ghost, so take them out quickly.

The Disrupter Psions will be marked by waypoints, making them easier to track down, and you’ll get a little notification when one spawns. Focus all of your fire on them as soon as you spot one – if one reaches your Ghost, you’ll need to start again.

You might want to reserve your heavy weapons or Super for when they appear as they are fairly challenging enemies. Your Stasis abilities will be super useful here, especially for you Warlocks.

If you’re playing as part of a pre-made Fireteam, have your pals take care of other enemies will you focus on the Psions. If you’re playing with strangers, you can only hope that they’ll see that you’re trying to complete a challenge and be cooperative.

Complete this twice to complete the challenge and receive a bunch of XP for your troubles.

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