DICE jokes about 16-months late Battlefield 5 feature with free skin


By Sherif Saed,
Thursday, 5 March 2020 13:48 GMT

Battlefield 5 developer DICE is finally ready to take the last remaining “coming soon” out of the game.

The original Battlefield 5 reveal trailer, the one some people mocked endlessly for daring to show a woman with a gun, also teased extensive customisation features for tanks.

DICE talked a lot about the ability to really make tanks personal, but since the game’s launch in November 2018, the feature has simply been listed as “coming soon,” MIA for 16 months. Other parts of the game, like the co-op mode, The Last Tiger War Story also didn’t launch with Battlefield 5 and were added later.

All except tank body customisation eventually made it into the game. Though DICE did add the ability to apply basic camos to vehicles in Battlefield 5, the extensive body customisation seen in that original pitch has only just made it in this week with the TTK revert 6.2 update.

In celebration of delivering on the promise 16 months later, DICE is giving away a free skin to all players who log in between now and March 24. The skin is specifically for the Sherman tank.

It’s made up of different components, so you can leave out the “coming soon” spray on the side if you just want the rest of the look.

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