Doom Eternal’s Hipster Archvile is one of the most bizarre demon skins you can unlock


By Sherif Saed,
Tuesday, 17 March 2020 09:37 GMT

Id Software wanted the skins in Doom Eternal to feel like collectable toys.

As previously revealed, Doom Eternal adopts the seasonal style progression system through a free Battle Pass. Tiers are unlocked by playing the main campaign as well as multiplayer in Battle Mode.

Over the course of a season, you’ll get to unlock weapon skins, skins for the Doom Slayer (like the unicorn skin), as well as the different demons you’ll come across in Doom Eternal. One such skin for the classic enemy, Archvile, turns them into a hipster. The aptly named Hipster Archvile is one of the game’s Master Collection items.

The different skins for the Slayer and the demons are packaged like toys because id wanted the player to feel like a kid on Christmas morning opening up their gifts. Master Collection is the highest tier, which is where the more opulent skins can be found.

For the Slayer, since all cutscenes are rendered in real-time, you get to see your choices in every cutscene, not to mention in first-person as you play.

The video also revealed a neat mechanic that allows players to earn XP passively by adding other players they recently encountered as “boosters” to their progression. You can watch the full video above.

Doom Eternal launches this Friday, March 20 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Find out exactly when you can pre-load and play, as well as the updated PC specs at the link.

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