F1 2020 gets free trial on PS4 and Xbox One


F1 2020 developer Codemasters has announced that a free trial of F1 2020 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is available to download right now.

The F1 2020 trial is basically a demo for the game, demonstrating the game’s features and showing off a variety of modes from the full release.

Whether you want to test out My Team, split-screen competitive races, or more, the demo has you covered.

In the F1 2020 My Team trial, you can create your team, pick a Formula 2 teammate to race alongside, and compete in the first race weekend in Australia – giving you a feel for the rhythm and setup you’ll experience in the game proper.

You can also enjoy split-screen racing at the Austrian Red Bull Ring, too. Any progress you make in the trial will be automatically carried over, no matter what platform you’re playing on.

Considering F1 driving games can be a bit intimidating thanks to their simulation-like handling and high skill requirements, you may be pleased to hear that the latest version is more accessible than previous titles in the series thanks to ‘accessible handling’, a new feature Codemasters hopes will allow new players to enjoy the game.

“The F1 2020 free trial offers something for every race fan with the inclusion of My Team, casual handling, and split-screen,” Lee Mather, F1 Franchise Game Director at Codemasters, has said.

“Whether you’re an avid F1 fan who’s never played before, or you’re a returning veteran player, there’s plenty to enjoy.”

You can download the trial on Xbox One and PS4 right now.

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