Fall Guys gets a Portal 2 skin, update coming this week with requested features


A Fall Guys cross-over with Portal 2 has produced a cute new skin that’s available now. There’s also a new update coming to the game with requested features.

Mediatonic has released a new skin for Fall Guys and its P-body, which is one of the test subjects in Portal 2.

The skin will cost you 10 Crowns, five for the top, and five for the bottom half. It is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

An update is also in the works which will implement requested features such as the option to unlock inverted controls on PS4.

The update will also tweak Slime Climb so that players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles. A couple of Jump Showndowsn fixes have been implemented, the “top-5” crash issues have been fixed, and the speed nerf has been removed for the Yellow Team.

You can look over all the changes expected to drop within the next week.

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