Fall Guys is getting a Team Fortress 2 outfit featuring the Scout


The Scout from Team Fortress 2 is coming to Fall Guys.

One of the first ever post-launch crossover costumes arrives later today in Fall Guys. The new outfit is modelled after the Scout class in Team Fortress 2.

The new skin is a pretty close approximation of the original Scout design, with the same iconic light red t-shirt and brown shorts. The Scout’s cap and and orange headset are, too, part of the costume.

If you want to look like the Team Fortress 2 Scout, however, you’ll need to buy the new skin, which arrives at the in-game store later today. With how popular Fall Guys has become in just a few days, brands from inside and outside of games are all lining up to ink some sort of cross-promotion deal.

So far, the team behind Fall Guys has been picky, preferring to use original designs for most of the store’s various outfits. This could change, however, as deals become too good to turn down.

In case you missed it, yesterday’s Fall Guys patch didn’t actually come out. It should arrive today, according to the developer, who had to make a few last-minute changes. The update adds a new level and fixes a few bugs.

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