Fall Guys publisher apologises for mass-revoking keys bought in Argentina


Some Fall Guys players in Argentina have, through no fault of their own, lost access to the game because of some darn scammers.

Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital has issued a statement to explain why it had to revoke Steam keys of the game, most of which were bought in Argentina.

According to Devolver, the company identified certain scammers who took advantage of the game’s lower, regional price in Argentina to mass-purchase keys at a further discount, and presumably offload those keys on grey market sites later.

Unfortunately, Devolver mass-revoked and refunded many of those purchases, which ended up hurting legitimate customers who had nothing to do with these scams. Making matters worse, Devolver also raised the game’s price separately in Argentina, because the original price was an error.

This obviously meant that those who had their keys revoked couldn’t get a new copy at the original price.

“We made a mistake which resulted in the cancellation of legitimate keys purchased by our community and we apologise unreservedly for our unfortunate error,” the company said.

Devolver is offering to recover the original copies for those who had acquired their keys legitimately. To do so, email support@devolverdigital with details of the original purchase, including the email address used.

“Thank you for your support and apologies for the inconvenience. We promise to do better moving forward and we will take care of all of the community that was affected.”

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