Fall Guys tops Steam charts, beating Horizon Zero Dawn


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been the talk of the town all week, and now it’s gone and topped the Steam charts.

Steam publishes a Weekly Top Sellers list every Sunday, and this particular Sunday is obviously no different. Well, it’s a bit different, because the top-ranked game for this week is one where you play as a klutzy bean who thrives on pushing other klutzy beans off of disarmingly high platforms – Fall Guys is officially number one.

This means that it has knocked last week’s bestseller, Grounded, off of top spot. Grounded is now sitting pretty at number three, right behind the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn PC port.

It’s important to note that this list accommodates for total revenue as opposed to units sold – which makes Fall Guys’ ascent even more impressive given its significantly lower price than bigger games. Also, the Collector’s Edition of Fall Guys is number four, meaning that it’s in the top five twice. People really love pushing other people over in video games.

It’s worth mentioning that Horizon Zero Dawn only launched on Friday, meaning that it’s only had a few days of post-launch sales so far. There’s a very real possibility that with a full week ahead of it, it could usurp Fall Guys by the time next week’s charts roll around. Or maybe Fall Guys will continue its reign as the most popular beans game of all time.

Did you know that a couple of ex-Ubisoft devs recently started a studio called Beans, actually? Or that some mad lad filled his computer with beans and phoned a repairman to come and have a look?

Aside from Steam, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently free on PS4 for PS Plus subscribers as part of this month’s giveaway. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is also free, but it’s just the campaign.

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