Fallout 76 gets public teams today


One of Fallout 76’s long-standing player requests is finally being answered today.

Fallout 76‘s big update 20 drops in just a couple of hours, bringing the game’s first Battle Pass and kicking off The Legendary Run season.

But there’s another major feature arriving today with update 20, and it’s public teams. This feature essentially allows players to browse a list of other players looking to team up. The in-game Social menu will now display all of these LFG requests, and players will be able to set a team goal to make it easier to find like-minded players.

Having a set goal is important, because the game will automatically generate some challenges for the team to hit. Completing those challenges awards everyone with Bonds.

Each public team card will display the location and level of the player who initiated the group. Anyone can create a team, too, and everyone else on the server will be notified whenever a new one is created.

There are a few limitations for being in a public team, however, and they were put there to prevent griefing. Players in a public team won’t be able to build in each other’s CAMPS. You also won’t be able to open locked doors or containers built by public teammates without becoming Wanted.

As for PvP, only the player that initiated – with an outside player – it will be flagged for PvP, their public teammates will not. Check out the Bethesda blog for more.

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