Final Fantasy 7 Remake sales break 5 million


Final Fantasy 7 Remake has already sold more than five million copies.

In the four months since the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4, the game has reached over 5 million copies in sales. The figure includes digital sales, and shipments to retailers – meaning the actual number of copies sold to consumers is a little below that.

Square Enix broke the news today, saying that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is its best-selling digital game on any PlayStation platform ever. The news isn’t particularly surprising; the game had a flying start, selling 3.5 million in three days.

In April, Final Fantasy 7 Remake also topped the NPD charts, all of that despite releasing on a single platform. It’s worth noting, of course, that the game arrives on other, yet to be announced platforms, in April next year.

As for what’s next, Square Enix isn’t quite ready to talk specifics. We know that the second part is already in development, but work has only just begun. The plan going forward to is to make the various instalments to follow a bit shorter to speed up development.

If you want to play it yourself, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is on sale for 34% off – its highest discount so far – until August 19 on the PlayStation Store.

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