Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 – Where to find floating rings at Weeping Woods


There’s a new floating ring challenge in Fortnite this week and you’re off to the Weeping Woods to find them.

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to collect five floating rings hidden around Weeping Woods. These rings can be found atop five different trees in the southeast of the area, so you won’t need to traverse the entire woods looking for them.

You’ll need to chop down a fair bit of wood to keep building stairs for this challenge, so be on the lookout for opponents who might snipe you when you’re climbing.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 – Where to find floating rings at Weeping Woods

Like previous floating rings challenges, there are five rings to find in total. Make sure you keep on top of your wood stock as you go as you’ll need to build several stairs and platforms to reach the top of these trees.

You’re starting in the southeast of the area, near the road. Keep travelling around the outside of the woods to the right to find the remaining rings, which you should be able to spot from atop the trees as you go.

The last ring can be found just as you’re approaching the river to the northeast of the area, so keep collecting them until the challenge registers as complete.

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