Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 – Where to find the Floating Rings at Lazy Lake


It’s Week 3 of Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 and for this challenge, you’ll need to collect floating rings at Lazy Lake.

There are eight challenges to complete this week and in this guide, we’ll be looking at where to find some floating rings around Lazy Lake. You’ll need to find four floating rings to complete the challenge, and you’ll need to keep an eye out for other players as this area is going to get quite busy.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 – Collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake

To get started, either land at Lazy Lake or nearby, making sure to grab a few weapons. The rings you’re after are bright blue and spin in the air, so when you find one, you’ll either need to jump up or build some stairs to reach them.

It’s not clear whether you just need to stand near one for a few moments or interact with the rings yet, so give both a try when you find them.

One of the rings is atop a large tree in Lazy Lake, so it might be best to try and land on it rather than using stairs. Here’s where you can find the rest:

  • At the toll booth, above the barrier
  • Outside Big Shots
  • Outside of the No Sweat Insurance company

If you missed the beginning of Season 3, you can check out all the map changes here, as well as all the Aquaman challenges.

You can also check out how to open the vault at Catty Corner, where to find Loot Sharks, Deadpool’s floaties and the Gnomes at Homely Hills here.

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