Fortnite water levels drop to reveal ‘Atlantis’ area and Coral Castle


The water levels have dropped in Fortnite, revealing the previously submerged Coral Castle.

Rumors and leaks that Atlantis would be included in the game have been swirling and it looks like now that the water levels have dropped in Fortnite players can experience the city, but it’s known as Coral Castle.

According to Fortnite Intel,  the new area has replaced the whirlpool with the castle now standing in its place.  Expect plenty of loot opportunities now that the water has subsided.

The Fortilla has also turned by 90 degrees, and Slurpy Swamp has returned.

Players have been expecting Aquaman’s city to appear in-game since his skins were first released to the game.

Check out some of the changes in the video from  Kanga below.


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