Ghost of Tsushima ending (spoilers) – watch both of the endings here


Wondering how to get the best ending in Ghost of Tsushima? We’ve got the video for you.

Unlike a lot of other games, it doesn’t matter what you do during the course of Ghost of Tsushima’s story – none of that impacts the ending. You can stab as many people in the back as you like. You can toss honour aside for a kunai in the eye. Go crazy.

Ghost of Tsushima best ending

It all comes down to a choice right at the end, after you fight your uncle. Will you kill or spare? It’s BioShock all over again, minus the harvesting and with big uncles instead of little sisters.

Since you can only choose one ending for your playthrough and the game is pretty meaty, we thought you might want to see how it plays out if you choose the other way. So here’s a video of both endings in Ghost of Tsushima:

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