GTA Online players are killing in-game sex workers to trigger a car duplication bug


By Emily Gera,
Monday, 9 March 2020 19:11 GMT

A glitch in GTA Online is letting players duplicate rare cars when they follow a series of steps that includes trapping and murdering in-game sex workers.

It’s all pretty grim.

As reported by Polygon, players in GTA Online can currently duplicate their vehicle by taking a sex worker into their car and parking it in a way that blocks the passenger door and makes it impossible for them to exit. The player then will need to vacate the vehicle and shoot the hood of the car until it catches fire with the sex worker inside.

From there the player will call their in-game insurance company, head over to the garage with the car, drive it out of the garage, then murder the sex worker. This will result in both the car and sex worker disappearing, leaving the player to re-enter the garage to duplicate the vehicle.

A similar glitch was apparently fixed by Rockstar earlier this month – this followed the same general set of steps but required that you shoot the sex worker. But according to data miner Tez2, their fix was simply to kill off the sex worker to prevent the glitch from triggering – apparently the glitch requires them to be alive. A number of players found a way around this by setting the car on fire instead, “so that they can use the glitch while she’s dying.”

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