Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch fixes anisotropic filtering, more


A new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has been released.

Patch 1.07 is now available for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, and it fixes a few issues players have been experiencing.

Thanks to the patch, anisotropic filtering now works correctly, and the mandatory/unskippable shader optimization step at first launch has been removed.

Shaders are now pre-optimized in the game’s Main Menu, and can be skipped, and shaders are also optimized dynamically in-game.

There are still a few known issues the Guerilla Games  is working on.

These include the possibility of a higher amount of instability for CPUs that have more than 16 cores, graphical setting issues such as HDR not working correctly, and performance issues on specific GPUs or hardware combinations.

The update follows 1.06 which was released back in mid-October which featured a host of smaller fixes like a bug that would sometimes cause characters to warp in cutscenes. It also improved the Adaptive FPS mode and fixed Aloy not following the direction the camera is facing when walking.

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