If this tweet gets a million RTs, Mediatonic will delete yellow team from Fall Guys


I think we can all agree that Fall Guy’s team games are bad, and some of that fault lies with the dreaded yellow team.

You can’t control how good your teammates are in Fall Guys team games. But you can predict how bad they will be, since landing on the yellow team seems to be a death sentence more often than not.

Hatred for the yellows is so widespread, in fact, that it’s become a meme in the Fall Guys community. A developer at Mediatonic made a joke that they’re willing to delete the team from the game entirely if one of the official account’s tweets hits one million RTs.

The studio has now committed to the gag and is willing to actually scoop the yellow team out and put them into the bin where they belong, assuming they hit that RT target.

Here’s the tweet you need to share:

The account later clarified that it was just a joke, but now they’re locked in. After all, one million RTs would put that tweet in the top 20 most popular tweets ever made.

Are you a bad enough dude to RT a tweet?

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Fall Guys is currently hosting a bidding war for brands. Whoever donates the most money to charity SpecialEffect will be rewarded with an in-game skin.

Konami recently registered interest in having Metal Gear Solid skins in the game, but it doesn’t look like it’s thrown its bandana into the ring for charity bids.

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