Killing Floor 2 free on the Epic Games Store this week with Steam cross-play


Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 will be released on the Epic Games Store today, and it features cross-play with Steam.

Killing Floor 2 debuts on the Epic Games Store today, and it will be a free download until July 16.

To ensure the player base is not divided between storefronts, the developers have enabled cross-play and cross-invites between the Steam and Epic Games Store versions of the game.

You can connect with specific friends across versions by enabling ‘Steam to EGS’ invites when loading into the main menu. From there, sign in to your Epic Games account, and your friends list will be populated with the ability to invite players from the Epic Games Store version of the game into a Steam party.

Players can expect a Steam update today to enable cross-play functionality.

The most recent content update for the game, Perilous Plunder, was released in June and features a new community map, new weapons, cosmetics, and summer variations of zeds and the Matriarch.

Also going free a week on the EGS later today is The Escapists 2, a rather fun game that tasks you with trying to break out of prison.

The other free game this week is Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition, an action-adventure game that finds you searching for life on a distant planet as an astronaut.

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