Konami wants Metal Gear Solid skins in Fall Guys


Konami wants to get in on that Fall Guys thing.

Fall Guys, currently the game all brands want to associate with, has garnered a bit of interest from Konami. The Metal Gear publisher recently showed off its interpretation of Solid Snake as a Fall Guys character.

On Twitter, Konami revealed three chubby, thumb-shaped recreations of the iconic character. Fall Guys makes it easy to customise characters with outfits, and these Metal Gear Solid-inspired skins could work about as well as all the other tie-ins.

At the very least, they would make more sense than the outfits KFC and Walmart want to see in the game.

The idea isn’t outlandish, of course, as Fall Guys already has costumes themed after Hotline Miami (another Devolver-published game), and Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman.

Fall Guys has been selling really well, dominating the charts on Steam and Twitch. This is why those attempts at brand synergy exist, even if they do seem a little desperate.

If you’ve been fumbling your way through Fall Guys yourself, see if you agree with the changes we want to see in Season 2.

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