Krunker game map building know-how

krunker map
krunker map builing

Reasons for Creating Map

Just like many players out there, you might be tired of playing on the old maps and you might start to play the game on the maps that had been created by other players. As time goes by, you might also get bored playing with map created by another player and you may want to create new map. In case you want to start using your own imagination or you are just don’t like the maps that have been created by other players, you can simply create your own maps.

y creating your own maps, you will not only realize your full dreams, but you will also provide the different map experiences to the other players who are playing on the maps created by you. When players enter the maps created by you, they will be able to encounter different map images since every map is typically related to the imagination to the particular player who created it.

How to Make Map?

So, how do you create maps? Well, because you are here, I bet you do not know how to create maps. Here is how to make map.

The first step is to open a account. Good thing is, every player can actually create his or her own map in Creating your own krunkerio map is very simply. Simply click on the custom maps. After that, select the map editor. You will then see the krunkerio map creation page. You can go to the map config option and then edit the map.

Map Config

  • Name
  • Mod url
  • Ambient light
  • Sky color
  • Light color
  • Fog color
  • Fog distance

Create Object

  • Crate
  • Stack
  • Barrel
  • Vehicle
  • Ladder
  • Cube
  • Ramp
  • Plane objective
  • Particles
  • Billboard
  • Score zone
  • Death zone
  • Spawn point
  • Camera position


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