Krunker Strategies and Tactics

krunker tactics
krunker tactics

In order to improve on your game and also keep safe, a player needs to have some tactics up their sleeve. Shooting tactics are necessary if a player intends to kill their enemies before the enemies kill them first. There are many different guns that the player can use, and the animation acts to spur them on over the long run. Players have the option to choose from five soldier characters and then go ahead and defeat as many players as possible in order to accumulate more points. The best way to come up with strategies and tactics is to start playing the game, learning what works best for each player. They also need to know all of the hacks, their features, and how to activate them. Below are some hack features that can come in handy and determine whether you survive and actually win.


Krunker Hack Features


  • No Recoil – This feature prevents the backfiring of weapons so that killing is more efficient
  • ESP – This gives information on the other players such as their names, their ammunition and weapons, their distance, and their health
  • Bhop (bunny hop) – This feature makes the player move than normal players and also prevents enemies from shooting the player in one shot
  • Auto Aim – This auto-targeting feature works when the mouse is right-clicked, making the player target their opponents automatically
  • Triggerbot – When the assigned key is pressed as the player hovers over opponent units, the opponents are fired at automatically
  • Quickscoper – Quickens the opening of the weapon scope feature
  • Manual Aim Assist – Allows the player to target their opponents themselves
  • Use Weapon Range – Increases the shooting range
  • Aim Through Walls – Aims at opponents hiding behind walls automatically
  • Custom Aim Setting – Activates all the targeting options
  • FPS counter – It displays the speed of the game


Fast Keys

  • 1/ T: Change Auto Aim Mode (the auto-fire feature needs to be disabled to use this feature)
  • 2/ B: Auto Bhop
  • 3/ P: Auto Reload
  • 4/ O: No Recoil
  • 5: Aim Delta
  • 6: Burst Shock
  • 7: Force Scope
  • 8: No Death Delay
  • 9: Super Gun
  • 0: Spin Bot

Strategies to Get Enough Krunker Credits

In order to enjoy the game limitlessly, a player needs to have enough Krunker credits, and below are some strategies you can use to get credits:


  • Before starting the match, use the toggle in the top left corner of the game to activate the Challenge mode. This will make a player not to regenerate their health during each life, but on the brighter side, the player will get 1.5 kredits at the end of the game.
  • The low crates are easier to get but they don’t have any good items, which is why players should aim and save for the higher crates first.
  • Go for the easy characters because they will get you more kredits at the end of the day. Later on, you can go for skilled characters.



Things such as the player character appearances, equipment, and stats are determined by their classes. In total, Krunker has nine classes, each coming with different primary guns, while others can further be equipped with secondary guns. There are also two other classes only available for custom games. Check out the classes below:

Class Primary weapon Secondary (PistolDeagleAlien Blaster)
Triggerman Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
Hunter Assault Rifle Sniper Rifle
Run n Gun Submachine Gun Submachine Gun
Spray n Pray Light Machine Gun Light Machine Gun
Vince Shotgun Shotgun
Detective Revolver Revolver
Marksman Semi-Auto Semi-Auto
Rocketeer Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher
Agent Akimbo Uzi Akimbo Uzi
Bowman Crossbow Crossbow
Runner Hands Hands
Deagler (not selected from the menu) Desert Eagle


Game Modes

Krunker has a number of game modes as listed below:

  • Free for All (FFA)
  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)
  • Hardpoint (Point)
  • Capture The Flag(CTF)
  • Parkour (Bhop)
  • Hide & Seek (Hide)
  • Infected (Infect)
  • Race (Race)
  • Last Man Standing (LMS)
  • Simon Says (Simon)
  • Gun Game (Gun)
  • Prop Hunt (Prop)
  • Community modes – Spleef, Dropper, Melee/Boxing, Surf/Skate/Halfpipe


The information in this article was meant to give you insights into the Krunker game and is especially good for those that are just getting started. As you gather experience, you’ll come up with tips and strategies that re suited for your gameplay, cementing your prowess in the game as you kill all of your opponents and become a winner.

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