Marvel’s Avengers beta attracted over 6 million players


The recent beta for Marvel’s Avengers attracted a whopping 6 million players from all over the world, collectively racking up over 27 million hours spent in-game.

The stats come from a recent blog post published on the official Square Enix website. On top of noting that over 6 million players tuned in to the Marvel’s Avengers beta, it mentions that there were over 33 million Miss Marvel embiggens, 200 million Hulk smashes, and 3 million hours spent playing Iron Man alone.

You can check out our impressions after having spent some time with the game in the video embedded below.

The blog post also details the changes Crystal Dynamics intends to make prior to the game’s official launch on September 4. Matchmaking will be enhanced across all platforms in order to better accommodate for online play, while PC performance will see a range of improvements in order to optimize gameplay without stuttering or lag.

The post also mentions a variety of feedback-driven improvements, specifically noting that beta players expressed concern about delays in the loot system and difficulties in vaulting over obstacles. There doesn’t appear to be any rectification for the game’s somewhat outdated approach to co-op, though – at the moment, Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t feature a join-in-progress option, meaning that if your mate drops out of a mission for whatever reason, you can’t replace them with another player.

It’s worth noting that while all of this is due to be included in the day one patch, which is expected to clock in at about 18GB, Marvel’s Avengers will see a range of other features implemented in the near future. For example, an Apex Legends-esque ping system will be added to the game in a future update alongside better options for subtitle sizing.

In related news, Marvel’s Avengers features its own battle pass system, earned cosmetics, vendors, and more.

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