Marvel’s Avengers datamine reveals Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and more upcoming characters


One of the benefits of having a PC version of Marvel’s Avengers is that it lets dataminers uncover gold.

Marvel’s Avengers hosted its first ever beta on PC (and Xbox) over the weekend, which has unsurprisingly lead to some discoveries by people with the know-how.

In other words: dataminers have been having a ball digging through the game’s files to reveal a number of potential future characters. The discoveries are split into two sections, one covers characters referred to in the code as “playable unlocked” and another that ties certain items to some of the leaked characters.

The full set of those tagged as “UnlockPlayableCharacter” was combined by Reddit user RoboMatters, who also made a video showing off how they discovered each one of them, and their references in the game’s code.

The list includes names already confirmed, both from the launch line-up as well as post-launch arrivals such as Hawkeye. Things get more interesting further down the list you go. Big names like Black Panther, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange show up, alongside more obscure characters such as Mockingbird, She-Hulk, and Kate Bishop.

These are all of the ones uncovered thus far:

  • Ant-Man.
  • Black Panther.
  • Captain Marvel.
  • Doctor Strange.
  • Falcon.
  • Kate Bishop (different Hawkeye).
  • Mar-Vell.
  • Mockingbird.
  • Quake.
  • Scarlet Witch.
  • She-Hulk.
  • Vision.
  • War Machine.
  • Wasp.
  • Winter Soldier.

The second set, uncovered by 6plus4equals52 has some of the same names, and further verifies that – for some one of them, at least – they’re indeed characters fully in the works. The simple reason for that is because this one features references to some of their in-game items. Obviously, none of this confirms all of them are coming to Marvel’s Avengers, but the idea is certainly interesting.

The full game is out September 4.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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