Marvel’s Avengers has an 18GB day one patch


Those who opted for a physical copy of Marvel’s Avengers may have to wait on a fairly large download on day one.

Crystal Dynamics has clarified a few remaining details in the lead-up to the release of Marvel’s Avengers. As is common with many of today’s big games, Avengers has a sizeable day one update.

In a blog post, the developer said it’s going to be a roughly 18GB download. Not only does the patch include last-minute fixes, as well as adjustments made following beta feedback, it also adds localisation for a number of languages. The update is required for all players, even those who are not interested in playing the game online.

As previously stated, Avengers requires a one-time internet connection on first launch, but the game can be played offline beyond that. The good news is that the digital download already includes the patch. Interestingly, however, the developer did not mention pre-loading at all. Though a pre-load may still be on the way, it would have made sense to confirm whether it’s happening or not in this blog post.

Servers, and the patch itself, won’t go live until Tuesday, September 1 – the release date of the game’s Deluxe Edition.

“Everyone will need to wait until the servers officially go live on September 1 to start playing,” Crystal Dynamics explained. “It is important for us that matchmaking servers are populated because co-op is a fully integrated part of the experience.”

Having the patch available by September 1 at least means players who receive their physical copy later in the week will be able to download it early and be ready for Friday.

September 1 is also the date of the next War Table livestream, where the developer plans to go over the game’s progression systems, and reveal one more post-launch hero. Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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