Marvel’s Iron Man VR free update adds New Game+, weapons, more


Iron Man VR has received a new update that adds New Game+, a new difficulty mode, and more.

A free update to Iron Man VR has added new modes, weapons, and quality of life features.

You can expect two new game modes, New Game+ and Ultimate difficulty. New Game+ will also unlock the Impulse Armor.

New Weapons include the Continuous Beam Repulsor, EM Charge Cannon, Micro Swarm, and the Gravity Bomb.

The update also adds another set of eight Custom Armor Decos which can be found in the Armor Station in the garage. One of these is the Iron Patriot. There also new challenges to overcome for unlocking them.

New quality of life features include improved load limes which have been decreased by 20-30 seconds when loading into Shanghai missions. You can now also skip cinematics without loading on Replay.

Based on feedback, the developers have also made two of the story missions skippable. Just choose the Skip Mission button at the globe to advance past these missions, which will be counted as completed.

If you have yet to give the PS VR game a go, the demo is still available on the PlayStation Store.

The demo features the Malibu tutorial mission and the Stark Jet cinematic. An optional mission called Flight Challenge is included along with the gameplay mission Out of the Blue, and Advanced Combat Challenge which is another optional mission.

If you download and play the demo you will unlock the exclusive Molten Lava Armor Deco which will be available upon purchase of the full game.

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