Microsoft asks that you do not blow vape into your Xbox Series X


Microsoft has advised owners of the Xbox Series X not to blow vape smoke into their consoles.

This week with the launch of Xbox Series X, a video showing the console emitting thick smoke from the top vent went viral, causing a bit of panic for early adopters.

It was quickly debunked when it was discovered that the person in question blew vape smoke into the bottom vent, causing the smoke to rise though the top. You know, for clicks.

The original “prank” was clearly a play on a rumour that the console ran a bit too hot, a claim that has, too, been largely debunked.

You can see it in motion here with this grab from @XboxStudio which shows the console bellowing vape smoke. Due to the massive airflow, the effect was considerable.

In response, the official Xbox account on Twitter made light of the situation, advising buyers (firmly with tongue-in-cheek) from blowing smoke directly into the console. The account tweeted:

While it’s not clear the exact harm this can cause, the moisture surely can’t be good.

The Xbox Series X has had a weird day or so since its launch. The monolithic form and especially, the airflow from the top has seen pranksters try to fool the internet. Just yesterday, an image appeared to show the console levitating a ping pong ball, but that’s also been dispelled.

Internet. Please stop trying to do weird things to your new and very expensive video games consoles. The warranty is unlikely to cover this.

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