Microsoft looking into unresponsive issue affecting some Xbox Wireless Controllers


Microsoft is aware of unresponsive issues affecting some Xbox Wireless Controllers and is looking into a fix.

There are apparently some issues with the newest version of the Xbox Wireless Controller. Released alongside the launch of Xbox Series X/S, various users have reported the controller is unresponsive when pressing buttons on the controller.

The issue has been reported when using the controller on both consoles and on PC.

Luckily, Microsoft is aware of the issue and is looking into it, but a timeframe was not provided (thanks, PC Gamer).

“At Microsoft, we put all of our products through rigorous quality assurance testing and are committed to providing customers with an unparalleled gaming experience,” Microsoft told The Loadout.

“We are aware some players may be experiencing unresponsiveness with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution. For the best experience, we encourage customers to visit Xbox Support for assistance.”

This is just the latest issue facing controllers on consoles. We are all familiar with the Switch Joy-Con drift. Nintendo’s president even apologized to Switch owners for the issue, but because the issue is part of a class-action lawsuit in the US, and now in Canada,  he was unable to respond about any specific actions.  Nintendo is also facing a lawsuit by a  French consumer organization, and several European countries are jointly investigating the Joy-Con Drift issue.

Nintendo isn’t alone, as some PS5 users have reported drift issues with Sony’s new DualSense controller.

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