Microsoft will discuss what the Bethesda acquisition means for Xbox Game Pass this week – report


Microsoft will explain this week what its acquisition of Bethesda means.

Now that relevant regulators have approved Microsoft‘s acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda and several other studios, the platform holder is apparently ready to talk shop.

According to a new report from GamesBeat, Microsoft plans to release a video this Thursday, March 11 where it will go over its broader plans with ZeniMax’s studios, and how/if/when its many games will come to Xbox Game Pass.

Although the report says Microsoft will reveal some new games coming to Game Pass from those studios, and answer some remaining questions about the deal itself, there won’t be news of any upcoming games at the event. Microsoft and Bethesda will seemingly host their own separate E3-adjacent shows in June where they will go over those topics separately.

Interestingly, it’s not yet clear whether Microsoft will outright say whether future Bethesda games will come to platforms other than PC and Xbox. The company’s answers to this question have been shaky and non-committal, and sometimes even contradictory in the past so it would be good to hear the final word on that.

Given how close this is, you can expect an official announcement soon.

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