Minecraft Dungeons Best Armor – Which set should you choose?


While it’s easy to get preoccupied with your offense, equipping your character with the best armor in Minecraft Dungeons is just as important.

We’ve updated this page with a few more picks since release for even more choice.

As well as boosting your health, the armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons give you powerful buffs to all sorts of stats, supplementing your playstyle and rounding off your character build.

On your first playthroughs of the game, you will want to change your armor pretty much every time you get a set with a higher power level – so don’t worry too much about picking the absolute best pieces.

Another important aspect of your armor is its Enchantments. We have a full page on the best Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons, here.

These are a few of our favourites so far:

Minecraft Dungeons Best Armor

  • Highlander Armor

The Unique Highland Armor is a must for melee builds, thanks to its 30% buff to melee damage and 35% reduction of incoming damage.

My favorite part about the Highland Armor though, is that its unique ability is Swiftfooted, which boosts your movement speed every time you roll.

This not only effectively negates all of the penalty for rolling, but makes navigating the world much easier – especially when you’re looking for all of the secrets and chests in Minecraft Dungeons, like our page here.

  • Spelunker Armor/ Cave Crawler

While the Spelunker Armor doesn’t give you much in the way of stat buffs, it does give you a friendly pet bat who attacks enemies – which is very fun.

If you’re trying to create a beastmaster build with the Wonderful Wheat and Tasty Bone Artifacts, then check this set out.

Its Unique variant the Cave Crawler adds some extra Artifact damage into the mix as well – which further increases the effectiveness of your pets.

  • Soul Robe

The Soul-powered Artifacts are so good that using armor to increase your collection speed is a very good idea.

There are two common sets that do this: the Soul Robe and Grim Armor. I like the Soul Robe because I find the increased Artifact damage to be useful in a lot of different situations, and there are lots of other healing options.

  • Wither Armor

With that said, the Grim Armor – and its Unique variant the Wither Armor, which adds additional melee resistance – combo incredibly well with ranged weapons with the Accelerate attachment.

This lets you spam arrows really quickly and refill your health, which is particularly strong against Minecraft Dungeons’ many bosses.

  • Scale Mail / Hunter’s Armor

Generally, the 30% buffs to melee and ranged damage on the common Hunter’s Armor and Scale Mail make them decent options as you level up throughout the game.

They’re not the most exciting, but are perfectly serviceable.

  • Mystery Armor

Finally, the Mystery Armor is fun because it comes with a random assortment of buffs from other armor pieces. This means that you can find some great gear if you’re lucky, with exciting properties like making you invincible while you’re rolling.

Be sure to check the stats on whatever Mystery Armor you pick up, since it could be amazing.

For more information about Minecraft Dungeons, here’s our page on the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons – unique or otherwise.

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