Neo: The World Ends With You announced for PS4 and Switch


The World Ends With You is finally getting a sequel in the form of Neo: The World Ends With You, which is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch next year.

Square Enix officially announced that the cult classic Nintendo DS game will get a sequel, some 14 years after the original title arrived on Western shores.

Neo: The World Ends With You – which is sticking to Square Enix’s awkward naming conventions – is set to release in Summer 2021 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and will introduce an entirely new cast of characters to the series. You can take a look at the debut trailer below.

As per the trailer, it seems as if the game will once again be set in a stylized version of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, though this time the action will be rendered in a nice, comic-inspired 3D environment.

The only recurring characters we’ve clocked so far appear to be Sho Minamimoto and Koki Kariya, but that’s not to say more legacy characters won’t turn up later.

The trailer certainly seems to suggest that you’ll once again be playing the Reaper’s game and fighting off the weird Noise enemies in order to make your way back to the land of the living. You can read more about the game and see some lovely artwork for the title on the game’s official site.

If you’re hungry for more The World Ends With You content, you’ll be pleased to learn that Square Enix revealed a new trailer for The World Ends With You: The Animation earlier today, which will launch internationally in April 2021.

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