New LEGO Super Mario sets and character packs coming in 2021


Additional LEGO Super Mario sets and a new character pack have been announced.

LEGO Super Mario fans can grab some new items to add to their collection come January 2021.

There’s the Master Your Adventure Maker Set with customizable bricks, new expansion sets, new Power-up packs, and an additional character pack on the way.

The sets will also introduce enemies including the Piranha-Plants, Larry, a Goomba, Wiggler, and Koopa Paratroopa

Expansion sets include Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter, Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge, and Wiggler’s Poison Swamp.

Power-up packs are Penguin Mario and Tanooki Mario. Then, there’s the series 2 character pack. It features ten brand new collectible, buildable characters. Kept a surprise until opened, fans could be getting a Huckit Crab, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Ninji, Foo, Parachute Goomba, Fly Guy, Poison Mushroom, Para-Beetle, Thwimp, or a Bone Goomba.

The Maker Set contains 366 pieces and will run you $59.99 or the regional equivalent.

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