Nintendo suing store for selling Switch hack


Once again, the Mario maker is fighting against piracy.

Nintendo is taking an online store to court for selling software that can get around the Switch’s “technological protection measures.”

The platform holder has filed a case against Le Hoang Minh in the Western District of Washington court – as spotted by Polygon – claiming that the Amazon seller is allowing people to jailbreak their consoles with its RCM Loader products. These USB devices allow users to play software that isn’t allowed on the Switch.

Nintendo initially sent a DMCA notice to Minh, who issued a counterclaim. The platform holder then had to sue the seller, otherwise, Amazon would have to relist the RCM Loaders.

Nintendo says that by deactivating its protection measures, RCM Loader is “causing widespread piracy of Nintendo’s copyrighted video games.”

The platform has described video game piracy as a “serious, worsening international problem.”

Nintendo is hoping to have the court stop Le Hoang Minh from selling RCM Loaders and award it $2,500 for every infringement.

This is the latest lawsuit that Nintendo has taken in an effort to stamp out piracy. Back in 2015, the firm won a case in Milan against PC Box, an Italian company that was importing devices that enabled piracy. This followed a ruling by the EU Court of Justice that said homebrew software for consoles might not be illegal.

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