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Finding any Nintendo Switch stock no matter where you are in the work has been one heck of a challenge since the start of the year. There’s good news, though! Nintendo Switch consoles are starting to pop up at a number of retailers more regularly now, including Amazon, GameStop and more.

Even with this surge of new stock, availability is still very hit-and-miss. It seems demand for the Nintendo Switch is still very high and anything that does go on sale is almost immediately bought up. Most places are selling out again in a matter of minutes. With that in mind, we’re keeping these links below as up to date as possible. Hopefully, you’ll get the timing just right and come away with that Nintendo Switch you’ve been after.

In the US:

In the UK:

Sorry if you didn’t get lucky at this time. Do come back and keep checking throughout the day as some stock in returning every now and then. Definitely don’t be suckered in by sellers who are ramping up the price, though. Of course, we’ll update this page with any further availability over the coming days.

Outside of Amazon, it seems GameStop’s approach to maintaining some Nintendo Switch stock is to pack their bundles full of games and other extras to bulk up the price. Their latest bundles aren’t as bad as the $500 ‘Gamer’ bundles from a few months ago, but still a little inflated. Even though they had a hefty price tag, they came with a selection of the console’s top games and the much-loved Switch Pro controller. Expensive, but more than enough to get you started with your new console!

Even though it’s been a bit of a scramble lately, Nintendo has apparently got back to pre-COVID production levels according to a statement from a representative to CareerConnection. That means we could start seeing Nintendo Switch stock more widely available at all the other usual retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. Perhaps one of them will just be selling the console on its own or pairing it just a single game to keep the price more reasonable.

As it was such a massively popular item over Black Friday and Christmas, there have been Nintendo Switch stock issues since the start of 2020. It’s something that was only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, as supply chains were disrupted and people were looking for more home entertainment.

Both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have suffered from stock issues.

In other Switch news, we’re finally starting to see Ring Fit Adventure in stock at various stores as well. Why not have a look at where you can find the home exercise and RPG mash-up.

If you do get a console, be sure to check out Jelly Deals for all the must-have Nintendo Switch accessories you’ll need. We’ve got our picks for the best Nintendo Switch stylus, our guide to Nintendo Switch SD cards and a look at our favourite Nintendo Switch controllers.

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