No Man’s Sky dev’s new game, The Last Campfire, is out now


You can play The Last Campfire right now on practically every platform.

The Last Campfire, the next game from Hello Games, mostly known for No Man’s Sky, has been released a few minutes ago. Hello Games dropped a surprise announcement overnight, confirming a worldwide launch the following day. The Last Campfire is available on PC (EGS), PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade (iOS/Mac/TV).

The game was announced back in 2018 with a mysterious trailer. Hello Games has since revealed more details about the game, and revealing more confirmed platforms. The Last Campfire tells an emotional story about Ember, who’s lost his way in the game’s world. Ember must the eponymous campfire, light it and hopefully return home.

As you explore the world, you’ll be coming across other lost souls, and learning more about the world itself by solving the many puzzles it holds. If you’re not too keen on spending the time needed to figure out solutions to these puzzles, you can also turn on an exploration mode where you get to freely roam around, take in the sights, sounds and lore.

Catch the latest trailer below, narrated by Hello Games’ Sean Murray.

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