Portal and My Friend Pedro skins leaked for Fall Guys


It looks like the Fall Guys brand collaboration train won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Fall Guys is seemingly just getting started with its crossover costumes, which so far include just a few items inspired by other games. There’s the Half-Life stuff, the Team Fortress 2 Scout one and only a couple more.

Though so many brands inside and outside the video game world would love to see costumes themed after their products in Fall Guys, the developer of the explosively successful game is seemingly taking it slow, starting out with modest takes on recognisable IPs. This looks to continue, too, according to recent datamines.

Twitter user @HypexFG dug up references to several upcoming skins, a few of them are tie-ins with other games. After Half-Life and Team Fortress, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that Portal is also getting its own outfits. More specifically, two themed after Portal protagonist Chell were discovered.

There are also two others inspired by My Friend Pedro, another Devolver-published game. Supposedly, the Portal tie-in will arrive in the store on September 3, followed by the My Friend Pedro skins on September 6. Those are obviously based on game code, and may not necessarily end up being the actual release dates, as often happens with leaks of this nature.

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