PS5 suffering from download queue bug that requires factory reset to fix


Reports are coming in that the PS5 has a bug that requires a factory reset to fix.

Word is spreading that Sony’s new PS5 might have bug that interferes with downloads. It appears there is a chance you can get stuck in an error loop when downloading games that stops you from actually gaining access to a title.

Three members of IGN staff have encountered the problem. When a game is first set to download, it can get stuck with either an error or ‘Queued for Download’ message. When expanded, the user is directed to reference the Downloads menu, which is empty. This leaves the download in limbo as players can’t cancel the download or prompt it to start.

The report said that this happened with two copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which has also been experiencing a bug that turns PlayStation controllers off. However, it is noted that this also happened with a copy of Godfall.

This is also affecting Twitter users too who are running into the bug, especially on Black Ops Cold War.

The current fix for this issue appears to be factory reset your PS5. This will cause you to delete everything off of your console, so it is far from ideal. Hopefully, a fix is figured out soon.

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