Red Dead Online Naturalist Guide: All Legendary Animal Locations and Rewards


Red Dead Online’s latest occupation casts you as a budding Naturalist, carefully studying the natural history of the Old West, conserving its diverse biology, before inevitably shooting as many Legendary Animals as you can find because this is still a video game.

Don’t worry though, they’re just going to sleep.

Whether you’re more interested in zoology or ornithology, tracking down all of Red Dead Online’s diverse wildlife requires patience, perseverance, and a good map.

Here’s a rundown of the Naturalist role, as well as the locations of the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Naturalist Guide

How to start the Naturalist profession in Red Dead Online

In Rockstar’s seminal western sandbox, it’s only natural that you would eventually get to seek out, interact with, and collect the wide range of animal inhabitants.

The Naturalist profession includes not just a suite of free roam activities to hunt down, but story content with cutscenes as well.

To make your start, you need to:

  • Travel to the town of Strawberry next to Hawk’s Eye Creek in West Elizabeth
  • Enter the “Welcome Centre” at the top of main street
  • This starts the cutscene for “On the Nature of Beasts”
  • Following the cutscene, you’ll unlock two new vendors: Gus to the south by Riggs Station, who sells unique clothing made from animal pelts, and Harriet to the north by Wallace Station, who you need to speak to start the Naturalist role

Red Dead Online Harriet’s Naturalist shop location

Head up to Wallace Station. It’s a little to the north of Strawberry where you first met, and you’ll find Harriet’s field camp just off the road:

Here you’ll be able to buy the starter book for the Naturalist role for the princely sum of 25 Gold Bars.

This purchase sets you off on the Naturalist path, letting you progress to earn rewards, as well as access a field guide and Legendary Animal Map.

To find Gus’ equivalent camp, you just need to head a little south to Riggs Station:

He also has a shop in Saint Denis market.

How to level up your Naturalist Rank and collect Samples from Animals in Red Dead Online

Since you’re trying to conserve these animals rather than hunt them, it wouldn’t make much sense to go shooting them willy nilly.

There’s a set procedure to capturing and testing each Legendary Animal safely.

  • First you need to have tranquiliser ammunition. This can be brought from Harriet, or crafted once you’ve unlocked its corresponding pamphlet
  • For Legendaries, you need to track the animal to the location below. Or just go looking for regular animals
  • Then you need to slowly approach prey animals without spooking them, and predator animals without aggroing them – Harriet sells Blending Tonics to help
  • When you’re in position, with the correct tranquiliser ammo loaded, line up your shot and take it
  • Now move in to collect your sample once the animal is asleep
  • You can optionally revive the sedated animal for extra XP

With most of the hardier animals however – and by that I mean most of them – it’s not quite that simple. Tougher beasts will take multiple shots to down, and in the case of predator animals, will try to smush you while you fire at them. Be ready to chase the prey animals that bolt.

When you’re upgrading your Naturalist XP, it’s recommended that you grind regular animals and then, when you reach rank 5, grind Harriet’s specific Legendary Animal missions. This is because the spawn rate of Legendary Animals in Free Roam has been found to be very low by the RDO community.

It’s also been speculated that you have an increased chance of finding Legendary Animals in Free Roam at a higher Naturalist Rank. There are also skills that unlock as you progress to help with this.

Naturalist Rewards

If stirring gameplay isn’t enough of a reward, then there are plenty of new items to add to your collection as you spend time with the Naturalist profession.

As you’d expect – much like the perfect pelts in the main Red Dead Redemption 2 – there are some different outfits that are linked to the different animals you find around the world. But many are unlocked using Tokens acquired by gaining Naturalist XP.

Tick Naturalist samples off your list and you’ll line your pockets with cash, collect special items and outfits, as well as gaining precious experience.

There are four tiers of Naturalist Rewards to progress through, and we’ve collected them all in a table:

Red Dead Online Naturalist Rewards
Reward Name: Reward Usage: Reward Tier Reward Rank
Satchel Kit Upgrade Have more Naturalist kit in your pouch Novice 3
Naturalist Events Unlock Naturalist side content Novice 4
Legendary Eagle Eye “Learn to distinguish Legendary Animal Traits” Novice 5
Foxmore Saddle Animal embroidered saddle Novice Unlock with Tokens
Thorburn Gun Belt Brown holster with floral design Novice Unlock with Tokens
Gypsy Cob – White Blagoon and Piebald Coats Horses Novice Unlock with Tokens
Sedative Varmint Cartridge Pamphlet Learn to craft tranquiliser ammo Novice Unlock with Tokens
The Tilliston Unique outfit Novice Unlock with Tokens
Zapata Headband Unique headwear Novice Unlock with Tokens
Mercy Learn to mercy kill wounded animals Promising 6
Naturalist Opportunities Unlock more Naturalist side quests where you disrupt animal trade Promising 7
Animal Focus Learn to narrow your Legendary Animal search area Promising 10
Animal Reviver pamphlet Learn to craft Animal Reviver tonic Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Mistead Gloves Fingerless gloves Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
The Sagemoor Unique Naturalist outfit Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Varmint Rifle Variant Cosmetic change for Varmint Rifle Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Blending Tonic pamphlet Learn to craft Blending Tonic Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Wilderness Camp A temporary camp where you can craft and cook items Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Black-tailed Buckle Bunny-themed belt buckle Promising Unlock with Tokens (Rank 5)
Animal Attraction Learn to better spot Legendary Animals Established 15
Legendary Animal Pheromones Pamphlet Learn to craft Legendary Animal Pheromones Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
Uncombed Balding Unique hairstyle Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
The Kennewick Unique outfit Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
Bindweed Gauntlets Unique arm-coverings Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
Off-hand Thorburn Holster Same as the other one, but for for your secondary weapon Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
Gypsy Cob – Skewbald and Palomino Blagdon Horses Established Unlock with Tokens (Rank 10)
Master Tracker Learn to track animals for a longer period of time Distinguished 16
Tonic Satchel upgrade Hold more Tonics in your pouch Distinguished 18
The Hemiston Unique Outfit Distinguished Unlock with Tokens (Rank 15)
Take Note New Emote where you write notes in a journal Distinguished Unlock with Tokens (Rank 15)
Gypsy Cob – Splashed Bay and Splashed Piebald Horses Distinguished Unlock with Tokens (Rank 20)
Underhill Charms Unique accessory Distinguished Unlock with Tokens (Rank 20)

Meanwhile, the items Gus sells at his camp are crafted from the skins of animals, and are as fancy as you’d expect. Visit his camp to take a look at the kind of things you can swap Legendary skins for, as more unlock as you discover more Legendary creatures.

Where to find every Legendary Animal in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s open world is massive, so if you’re not sure where you’re going it could take a long time to feel it out.

When you’ve got tons of Legendary Animals to track down for your new Naturalist hobby, and a limited amount of free time to do it, then there’s no shame in a nudge in the right direction.

Harriet gives you a Legendary Animal map when you first start the Naturalist line, but the locations marked there are quite vague.

As we mentioned while you can find Legendary Animals in Free Roam, they have a very low spawn rate – which is why many players are reporting that they’re circling the area marked on Harriet’s map to no avail.

To get a guaranteed shot at sedating and sampling a Legendary Animal in Red Dead Online, you need to grind through Harriet’s Legendary Animal missions. Raising your rank then gives you access to different skills which make them easier to find.

However, based on multiple sources from the Red Dead Online subreddit and various discordsincluding 2smokinbarrels and Jowers97 (linked) – these look to be the current locations of the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online.

If the listed info appears out of date, visit the above communities for the latest.

As stated in the Jowers97 video above, the following animals are found in Harriet’s Legendary Animal Missions:

  • Night Beaver
  • Moostone Wolf
  • Inahme Elk
  • Cross Fox
  • Payta Bison
  • Icahi Boar
  • Rutile Horn Ram
  • Sapa Cougar

Check out that video at timestamp 3:38 for their locations.

Legendary Beaver Locations

Legendary Moon Beaver Location

The Moon Beaver is found south of the Elysian Pool, roughly level with the Van Horn Trading Post during crepuscular times (dawn/dusk) when it’s wet.

Legendary Zizi Beaver Location

The Zizi Beaver is located at Owanjila on the west side of the map.

Legendary Bison Locations

Legendary Tatanka Bison Location

You’ll find the Tatanka Bison at the Heartland Oil Fields in New Hanover.

Legendary Winyan Bison Location

Head to the northwest of the map around Lake Isabella for the Winyan Bison.

Legendary Boar Locations

Legendary Cogi Boar Location

The Cogi Boar is northwest of Bluewater marsh around dawn.

Legendary Wapka Boar Location

You can track the Wapka Boar to the wetlands of Stillwater Creek during the daytime.

Legendary Cougar Locations

Legendary Maza Cougar Location

The Maza Cougar can be spotted at nighttime, down by the Sea of Coronado.

Legendary Iguga Cougar Location

The Iguga Cougar can be found in the Great Plains of West Elizabeth just before dark.

Legendary Elk Locations

Legendary Ozula Elk Location

Make your way west to Cholla Springs when it’s foggy for the Ozula Elk.

Legendary Katata Elk Location

The Katata Elk is found in the southwest of the Cumberland Forest during the day.

Legendary Fox Locations

Legendary Ota Fox Location

The Ota Fox is found to the southwest of Rhodes.

Legendary Marble Fox Location

For the Marble Fox, you need to head up to the northern territory of Spider Gorge.

Legendary Gator locations

Legendary Sun Gator Location

You’ll find the Sun Gator to the north of Saint Denis in the Lagras swamp and the islands off the coast to the east.

Legendary Teca Gator Location

The Teca Gator lives in the archipelago just south of Saint Denis.

Legendary Ram Locations

Legendary Gabro Horn Ram Location

You can find the Gabro Horn Ram on PS4 on sunny days near Lake Don Julio.

Legendary Chalked Ram Location

Again, PS4 players can find the Chalked Ram on sunny days in the area just south of Cottora Springs.

Legendary Wolf Locations

Legendary Emerald Wolf Location

Look to the west of O’Creagh’s Run for the Emerald Wolf.

Legendary Onyx Wolf Location

You can find the Onyx Wolf in the central north of the map during the nighttime, south of Calumet Ravine and around Cottora Springs.

For more on Red Dead Online, check out our pages on the other professions.

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